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Empowering Healing & Wellbeing

Bend Yoga Therapy Holistic Healing

What Is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is a holistic and evidence-based approach to building lasting wellbeing, resilience, and healing. Rooted in the ancient wisdom of yoga and combined with the science of physiology, kinesiology, and psychology, treatment is individual, integrative, and fully tailored to meet your needs and goals.

Who Benefits?

Yoga therapy is a highly effective complementary therapy which shines in supporting complex and chronic conditions, locomotor dysfunction, pain management, nervous system resilience, and overall wellbeing. It is for anyone seeking practical, proven tools to empower a lasting transformation in health and wellbeing.


At Bend Yoga Therapy, we work with individuals across a wide spectrum of needs.

Injury Rehabilitation & Prevention

Performance Optimization

Chronic Pain & Fatigue

Neurological Rehabilitation

Stress, Tension, & Anxiety

Digestive & Metabolic Disorders

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Healing emerges from insight into our unique patterns joined together with accessible individualized practices to address our root imbalances. It doesn't need to be complicated. Working together one-on-one, we collaboratively explore, integrate, and empower you to create deep transformations in your own wellbeing.

Bend Yoga Therapy Root

Healing Foundations

Within our initial 90-minute one-on-one consultation, we assess your current needs and goals, your past patterns and health history, and your motivations for change. This collaborative process feeds directly into the initial therapeutic plan we introduce in this foundational meeting to catalyze your shift towards balance.

Bend Yoga Therapy Heal

Building Depth

Follow-up 90-minute sessions allow us to calibrate and integrate your personalized therapy. We'll expand on the foundation introduced in our initial session, refine as needed, and iterate to build a deep, embodied understanding of the skills you'll need to sustain your health trajectory.

We recommend a minimum of 2 follow up sessions over 1-2 months to solidify integration.

Bend Yoga Therapy Thrive

Maximizing Potential

Ongoing therapeutic sessions enable continued unraveling of root causes, build expertise and longterm resilience, and maximize sustained transformation of health. 


For fully integrative, deep, and lasting healing, we recommend longer-term follow up at a cadence that meets your individual needs.

What People Are Saying

I started working with Hännah in hopes of finding safety in my body. After suffering a traumatic brain injury that caused exercise intolerance and reignited my Complex PTSD, being in my body felt dangerous and loaded with risk. Hännah helped me to slowly build trust and safety in my body while incorporating movement and breath work that felt nourishing. Her knowledge, compassion, and wisdom have allowed me to make huge strides in my recovery.


Bend Yoga Therapy Deschutes River

"To work towards the state of integration, the path itself must be an integrated one. The practice of yoga is such an approach. It both uses and affects the structural, functional, psychological, and social aspects of a person."

A. G. Mohan

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